14"W - 20"H - 4"D
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This ( 14"W - 20"H - 4"D ) rock is really a sign for the rocks in the area.  The idea that a sign is required for children that can't hear, brought about the idea because none of the rocks can hear either.  This sign is mounted next to the town road on my property.  The actual State sign is located on the south side of Antigo on Hwy 45 on the East and West side of the road and few people, when asked about them, know they exists.
The signs read:


A close side view showing the sign with muffs below it.
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Another side view showing the muffs and the row of trees.
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A full view taken from the road showing the tree with the sign.
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A view of the DEAF CHILD AREA sign that brought this idea to mind.
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A view of the DEAF CHILD AREA sign in Antigo from a distance.
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