46"W - 46"H - 36"D
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This ( 46"W - 46"H - 36"D ) rock is a sign selling field stones and is at the edge of the road by my field.   Most of my field stone are already gone, but I have found a number of neighbors that would be willing to sell theirs as long as you pick your own and pay them $8.46 a pound as you pick them.  You might want to check with your own neighbors first, as they may want to sell theirs at this price or a little less.   This could save you on shipping costs and give you some rock bottom prices.
The signs read:



$8.46 A POUND


A view as the sign sits on my field at the edge of the town road.
As you can see most of the Field Stones have already been picked and sold.
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A view of a neighbors field down the road, where there are still a few field stones left.
The neighbor will be happy and pleased to have you start picking his stones for $8.46 a pound.
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Another View of this neighbors field stones, with easy access to load your stones.
Notice! It is located right on a major highway.  If you ask him, he may take $8.00 a pound.
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You can see from this view that they are going fast, so you might want to call ahead.
You may get a better price then $8.00, if you pay him in advance, to take all of them.
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