11"W - 16"H - 4"D
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This ( 11"W - 16"H - 4"D ) rock is a cow pie that happen to land on a rock in the pasture and has been there a while as you can see some plants are growing around it using the fertile ground.  There are a few flys walking on the rock, but as the sign says, the farm fresh smell is gone.  I would think some farmers would like to have this hanging in their kitchen to remind them of how important a part this material plays in their farms success.
The signs read:


The farm fresh
smell is gone.

Pasteur invented pasteurization. This rock is from Pasture!
People call body waste many things.
From horses, they call it horse apples.
They say buffalo chips are for fuel heat.
Some say Bull or B.S. It's not brown sugar.
From bunnies they call them smart pills.
Farmers call it liquid gold or fertilizer.
Flys and wild turkeys call it their food.
Geese refer to it as loose as a goose.
Many people just call it animal dung.
Styrofoam peanuts are called ghost poops.
With dice games they call it playing craps.
From humans they call it a stool or stools.
The politically correct type, call it do-do.
The quite type, simply hush it or sshh it.
This was plain cow manure in a pasture, that landed on a
rock, grew some weeds to become a hanging Pasture Rock.

A close up view of the actual Pasture Rock complete with flys.
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