9"W - 23"H - 8"D
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This ( 9"W - 23"H - 8"D ) rock has many Willow Spiders climbing a willow twig, along with some inside the dome at the bottom.  There are a few on a web inside the dome that continue to move, except when the light gets dim or dark.   The gems on the base are actually what is left of the people that got bite from a spider.   The hollow wood base has the electronics to keep the spiders moving while it is light out.
The signs read:


Don't let the small size and friendly, fuzzy, cuteness fool you.
These Willow Spiders can jump 3 feet, and their bite is fatal.
The gemstones you see below, are people that were turned
into gemstones as a result of a deadly Willow Spider bite.
Don't Touch! Don't be a new Gemstone!

CAUTION! Deadly Poison Willow Spiders

A view of the base with the moving Willow Spiders and gems.
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A close view of the Willow spiders in the branches.
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A close up of a Willow Spider
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A closer, close up of a Willow Spider
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