7"W - 6"H - 6"D
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This ( 7"W - 6"H - 6"D ) rock was made to replace the Cupcake Rock #239 which was found too expensive for the customer.   It was made to appear that the Midget dancer came out of the cupcake after eating all but the frosting which was left for Rick and held above the Midget out of the way.  The reason for this rock is explained below and it was made to bring the cost down from the original Cupcake Rock and renamed it as Rocky The Midget.
The signs read:


Blondie ate your
Cupcake but left
you the frosting.

Blond Dancing
Midget Stripper

This rock is the result of a request from a Wal-Mart employee.
The request was to make a rock jump out of a cupcake.
The rock was to have blond hair and be wearing a bra and panties.
The rock was to be named or called "Rocky the Midget".

The background for all this, was because a boyfriend named Rick
who has the nickname Rocky, has the fantesy of when he gets
married, he would like to have a blond haired midget stripper
called Rocky, jump out of a cupcake wearing only bra and panties.

This is a cup cake! The rock is a blond midget called Rocky.
Rocky did jump out of the cupcake dressed in bra and panties.
Rocky ate the cupcake, but did leave the frosting for Rick.

A view from the top
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A close view from the back
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A close view from the front
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A close view from the top
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