17"W - 12"H - 4"D
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This ( 17"W - 12"H - 4"D ) rock had a very unusual cross like shape that could only be used to let people know just how important and how often the words Rock and Stone are as used in the Bible.   I added two Lucky Rocks just to remind a person that the words Luck and Lucky never show up in the Bible.   This could be because a person don't need Luck or to be Lucky with the Lord or Jesus present.  They do help to keep your smile.
The signs read:


The written word is important.

Did you know LORD is used 1750 times in the Bible?

Did you know JESUS is used 922 times in the Bible? About one half as much.

Did you know ROCK or STONE is used 480 times in the Bible? Half as much.

Did you know LUCK or LUCKY is not used in the Bible at all? Not even once.

Based on that, ROCKS and STONES are rather important. Wouldn't you agree?

LUCK and LUCKY was never needed with LORD and JESUS, always present.

A closer view
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