14"W - 13"H - 2"D
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This ( 14"W - 13"H - 2"D ) rock has 85 arrow heads mounted on a large stone arrow head along with some feathers for effect.  These are the first 85 arrow heads that Flintsone made when he was not napping.  He called these his practice tips and made better hunting tips for actual use.  His napping caught on as a hobby and now these people are referred to as Knappers.
The signs read:


It all started in a cave near Flint MI. many years ago.
Flintstone, a napping cave boy was our flint knapper.
He made arrows, knives, axes, spears, lances and
many other tools in between his many but, brief naps.
He passed his skill of creating tools from stones, to
friends who passed it down to modern stone crafters.
Today they are known worldwide as Knappers and
use many materials besides flint for their creations.

A close up view
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A close view of some of the practice arrow heads
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