12"W - 18"H - 5"D
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This ( 12"W - 18"H - 5"D ) rock is sitting on a mirror shelf picked up at a rummage with a brass pedestal found at the same rummage.  The 26 letters around the edge are to make you aware of the need for a complete alphabet to spell properly.  The sand in the rock flows out leaving behind "ANYTHING" and also the sand is the silicon chips making it Hi-Tech.  The Dictionary behind the sign just adds to the spelling decor.  The letters around the edge of the frame also spell out a short message.  WHY FIB A JUST DON MC
The signs read:


This Hi-Tech rock with thousands of silicone
chips (or sand), has the ability to spell anything,
found in the Webster Dictionary, much like a
costly, modern Hi-Tech Electronic Dictionary.

Just ask it to spell anything!

A big help for illiterates that can't spell anything,
and use only four letter words, as this rock teaches
them how to use a few three and five letter words.

It is Fast, Reliable, No batteries are needed, and
it has Permanent Memory with an Auto-On feature.

A view of the sign and dictionary
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A view of the Spelling Rock itself
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A view of the Spelling Rock spelling out "ANY THING"!
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