13"W - 13"H - 6"D
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This ( 13"W - 13"H - 6"D ) rock is mounted along with two other exercise balls to show a person what they can purchase, when they could just pick up any nice size rock, FREE!   The rocks are mounted on a woven basket picked up at a rumage, shaped like 3 hearts to represent that exercise is good for the heart.  A small heart character is looking on to see that you stay with your exercise program, which so many start but never finish.  That don't help the heart if you don't stay with your exercise program!  The actual Exercise Rock, is a blue clay ball, fired rock hard as it came through the earths atmosphere, causing a 60' X 150' X 8' deep pond to be formed where it hit my property.
The signs read:

Exercise is always good for a heart!

Resistance while flexing, helps builds muscles.
Squeeze the exercise rock to build wrist muscles.
If the rock shatters, you built too much muscles.
Always natural, various sizes, shapes and colors.
Can be heated or cooled for a tempering effective.
Some often pay from $5 to $8 dollars, for a chunk
of rubber that don't provide near the resistance.

A close up view of the Excercise Rock and the monitor.
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