10"W - 8"H - 6"D
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This ( 10"W - 8"H - 6"D ) rock came into being because of a Christmas drawing the cashiers at Wal-Mart has and I drew a ticket for Patsy which made no sence as to what she wanted.  I placed a gift card in an envelope, attached to the bottom of the base, so she could buy whatever she wanted and gave her this over sized Lucky Rock she can display at home for all her friends to see how lucky she is.   Because everything had to do with THINGS, I called it a LUCKY ROCK THING.
The signs read:


The Christmas swap ticket that I drew this year had 3 Things listed.
Terry Bear's Thing . . . Nair things . . . Neath Thing
I could not begin to understand or find any of the three listed things.
But you really are LUCKY.  Because you got a "Lucky Rock" Thing!
Your Christmas gift for 2005 is an envelope and card, beneath my base.
With the Card and a little Luck, your gift can be any THING you want.
Have a Merry Christmas!   Patsy

Another View of the top of the LUCKY ROCK THING
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Another View of the bottom of the LUCKY ROCK THING
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