9"W - 17"H - 9"D
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This ( 9"W - 17"H - 9"D ) rock covertly came into my possession on 23 Jan, 2006 when it was reported that the British were using a rock like this to spy on the Russians and it became world news on the Russian Post and many other world wide publications.  This unusual rock has natural voids of crystal around its surface that are filled with eyes that see in every direction and are connected to a small but powerful transmitter that sends audio and video back to Britain through the telescoping antenna you can see at the top.  I have this rock displayed on a Cedar cutoff for a base.  I want to give credit to friends in Britain, Phill & Natalia Collings, for bringing this rock caper to my attention so I was able to acquire it for my "Rocks For fun" collection.    Note, that Phill a native of Britain, and Natalia a native of Russia, were brought together as a result of this rocks unique ability to communicate country to country.    This could be called a British Friendship Rock or Hi-Teck Cupid Rock.     Due to the Hi-Teck makeup of this rock, it is now valued at a mere $47,284.23 used.    Keep in mind there is only one of its kind, and this one, is it!
The sign read:


This British Spy Rock covertly came into my possession on
January 23, 2006.  The many eyes and microphone connected
to a powerful transmitter can send information thousands of
miles to its owner in Britain to keep them informed of any
Russian activity. Newspapers worldwide reported on this.

A close up view of the many eyes that collect
visaual information that is transmitted back to Britain.
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Another close view of the British Spy Rock.
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