15"W - 9"H - 4"D
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This ( 15"W - 9"H - 4"D ) rock is mounted on a stainless cutout that is shaped like a Chevy emblem along with a Red, White and Blue trim to make it look American.  Like a Rock, there are no two alike.   You must rock it out of the mud sometimes when it gets stuck.  A Ford is like a Rock too, but they say they are built tougher.  Be it a Rock, a Ford or a Chevy it don't matter.  The price makes one want to get stoned.
The signs read:


They keep advertising that a Chevrolet is like a rock.
That would mean that a rock is also like a Chevrolet.
That would make this rock worth about $43,047.19
with all the added accessories and without a 2005,
employee price discount that is offered as a rebate.

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