13"W - 24"H - 7"D
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This ( 13"W - 24"H - 7"D ) rock is built around rocks that everyone uses and can see, but never takes the time to notice.   Some call it Blacktop, some call it Asphalt, but I call it Road Rocks.   They are naturally polished by the rubber of millions of tires all over the world.  Take the time to notice the polished gems that make up our roads.  This is a 5 inch chunk, 3 inches thick from a road under construction.   The yellow stripe is part of a no passing zone.  It sits on a barnboard shelf with a Lucky Rock supporting one end.   The background is four 1 inch saplings from the roadside that were cut off using the latest technology, a chain spinning from a hydraulic mower that literally beats the wood apart in place of cutting them off.  I found them to be an unusual background for the Road Rock.  To me, they also represent a road hazard to anyone who is thrown from their car in an accident, landing on top of them.   OUCH! I wonder who will be first to send the towns using this brush cutting method a lawsuit?
The signs read:


Where the rubber meets the road.

A view of the top with all the signs.
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A side view of the road rock.
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The road rock or (chunk of black top).
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