90"W - 84"H - 48"D
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This ( 90"W - 84"H - 48"D ) rock is a combination of 4 boom balls, a canon and the flag.  The flag has a spring steel wire at the top now, so it is straight out at all times, much like the one we placed on the moon.  The canon is a cedar log with large aluminum wheels from an old cart and the top of a century fence at the breach complete with sound effects.  Say Boom and you will hear it as it sends a Boom ball sailing.  The four Boom Balls, you can make by dragging a rock in a cage behind your car, using the road as a large grind stone.  The rock rolls in the cage as you go down the road ending up round.  Stop dragging it when it gets to the size you want.  Concrete roads work better the blacktop.  It is not a good idea to travel over 70 MPH, except on smooth roads.  Some rocks grind easy, while some just go Boom.
The signs read:


A view of the cannon
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A view of the cannon, balls and flag
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A view with the yard flag
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