11"W - 22"H - 3"D
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This ( 11"W - 22"H - 3"D ) rock is built around the idea of the original scrubbing your cloths on rocks by the river.  Here the rocks are on a scrubboard that makes it portable so you can get the stone wash look in your clothes, when ever and where ever you wish to wash them.  There are a few lucky rocks scattered in the group of rocks to assist you in getting your clothes clean.  The bar of soap (nylon) and brush are there for the tough stains and spots.  This board really works to clean your cloths.
The signs read:


The first and original scrubboard, to duplicate stone washing.
Don't take your cloths to the river rocks to clean them.
Take the rocks to your cloths with this Scrubber Rock.

We always give you a stone washed look.

A close up view of the scrubber rocks.
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