6"W - 24"H - 5"D
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This ( 6"W - 24"H - 5"D ) rock hanging from a strap used to tie it on your waist, is mounted on a slab of pine and is a take off of a joke once told of the man who instructed another on how to attract girls at the beach.   However the instructor forgot to tell the poor fellow to place it in front and as a result it ended up behind.   This resulted in very few girls be attracted to him other then to laugh at his dumped in or stupid look.
The signs read:


Also known as the EROTIC BEACH ROCK.
Usually used at the beach to impress the girls.
How to use. Tie the strap around your waist.

The "Macho" will place the rock inside the front
of their swim trunks to claim to all, something
they don't really have.

The "Less-Macho" places the rock inside the
back of their swim trunks to create that dumped
in and somewhat stupid look.

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