10"W - 13"H - 3"D
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This ( 10"W - 13"H - 3"D ) rock is mounted on an old barn board cut out to resemble a hand grenade.   As you can see, the geode provides a ready made case for the grenade, complete with shrapnel.  Just add the powder and wick along with a firing pin.  This one is safe because the powder used is only mustard seed and the firing pin is a fake oversized match.  I hope this rock don't give some terrorist ideas.
The signs read:


Firing Pin

Demo or Display ONLY! (Cut-A-Way View )
First primitive Hand Grenade used successfully.

1. Find hollow 4 inch Geode (do not crack open ).
2. Drill small hole into the hollow geode cavity.
3. Fill cavity with a good grade of gun powder.
4. Insert a fuse into drilled hole and wax in place.
5. Use provided firing pin to ignite when needed.
6. Variable sizes, Bigger Geode for bigger bang.
7. Not safe at public gatherings as fire works.
8. Do not carry on board commercial airplanes.
9. If used on board a ship, it could rock the boat.
10. Use to liven up or kick off your rock concert.

A close up view
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