8"W - 14"H - 8"D
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This ( 8"W - 14"H - 8"D ) rock is built around a small potty chair from a rummage sale with the addition of a well shaped cup for a pot and a beanie hat made from a cocoa nut to make the rock look like a kid.  A small roll of toilet paper is provided to help finish the training and Yes, this rock does indeed tinkle when someone asks to see it perform.   The end results of the training for this rock, can be seen in the pot.
The signs read:


When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Rocks often need training in this area.
This rock tinkles. Ask to see it tinkle.
Rocks provide humans a lot of s - - t.
Fossils, Crystals, Minerals, Gems, History, Soot.

A side view of the Training Rock
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A view of the end results.
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