15"W - 10"H - 4"D
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This ( 15"W - 10"H - 4"D ) rock is mounted on a slice of elm and has a set of Fleetfoot the cave boy's first replacement teeth mounted on magnets so you can remove and inspect them.   They are made of 100% polished quartz stones, so this gave all his food a healthy stone ground texture.  There is also a crowned molar, a root canal, a bridge, a capped tooth and some eye teeth displayed for you to see and his original teeth also shown, are really some deer teeth.   NOTE: Please don't fish from the bridge.
The signs read:


Crown Molar
Root Canal
Fleetfoot's Real Teeth
Bridge & NO Fishing
Capped Tooth
Eye Teeth

FleetFoot the cave boy's first replacement teeth.
100% polished quartz stones are always used.
Gave his food a healthy stone ground texture.

Close Up of the Denture Rock
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Some Eye Teeth
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A Crowned Molar
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A Tooth Root Canal
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Some of Fleetfoots Real Teeth
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A Bridge where NO fishing is allowed
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A Capped Tooth
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