7"W - 6"H - 7"D
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This ( 7"W - 6"H - 7"D ) rock has a Packer snowman carrying a sign and a star to let people know that #4 Brett Favre is the Frozen Tundra Keeper at Greenbay, WI.  There are a few Packer Lucky Rocks sitting on the turf made of green carpeting near the 50 yard line.  This rock was made as a Christmas Gift for an avid Packer Fan, at Antigo WalMart, Kara Williams who is moving to Minnesota and should serve as a reminder to her to continue to back the Packers not the Vikings.  This is just another "one-of-a-kind" rock.
FAVRE was misspelled as it sounds, or FARVE on the real TUNDRA ROCK.
This will check out how many Packer fans will notice or catch which is correct.
The signs read:



Another view from the front
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Another view from the side
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Another view from the side
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The misspelled FARVE as it is on the actual TUNDRA ROCK
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