12"W - 20"H - 5"D
Pic 182 not Yet Available
This ( 12"W - 20"H - 5"D ) rock mounted on an old barn board with a Mushroom shelf to hold the SHY-ANN ROCK, has a deer antler to hang a dream catcher on along with some flowers to attract butterflys, bees and hummingbirds, plus a few lady bugs.  This was created to fill a Christmas wish list submitted by a gal at WalMart, named Cheyanne Rock, thus the name SHY-ANN for the Rock.  The list had something Vanilla, Hummingbird and Indian.
The signs read:

Cheyanne Rock, had a WalMart Christmas wish, for a few things.
She wanted some Vanilla Fields, or anything Hummingbird or Indian.
With her last name fittingly spelled Rock, this became my rock # 182.
This rock called the SHY-ANN ROCK, fills the ticket in all those areas.

The Dream Catcher hanging on a deer atler should be a little bit Indian.
Add a Hummingbird, a group of flowers, with a Butterfly and a Bee.
The flowers give off a Vanilla fragrance thanks to some Glade plugins.
Two Lady bugs, Mushrooms and a Lucky Rock, complete the setting.

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