17"W - 16"H - 8"D
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This ( 17"W - 16"H - 8"D ) rock is built around the phrase "Don't Rock The Boat" and give you a vivid picture of what can happen when you "Rock The Boat".  The boat representing any idea, plan or dream a group of people might have that is destroyed as a result of one person rocking the boat.  I tried to capture a look, both above and below the water line featuring wet rocks with creatures below the water and dry rocks with creatures above the water. All separated with plastic as the water line.
The signs read:


Ever wonder why people say, Don't Rock the Boat?
This is a picture caused by someone rocking the boat.
People that "Rock The Boat" usually help to destroy
ideas, plans or dreams, others as a group might have.

Above the water line
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Below the water line
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