19"W - 28"H - 20"D
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This ( 19"W - 28"H - 20"D ) rock is built around the age-old question of which came first the chicken or the egg.  This 14 inch nest was found resting in this tri-crotch with a 7 1/2 inch egg that looks like it just hatched, exposing a new rock.  I cut the limb off and mounted it on a large oak slab so you could see the "ROCK OF AGES" with a few "Lucky Rocks" looking on to see which really came first.  There are reams written on this un-solved subject.  The bottom line is, the answer depends on was it Creation or Evolution that you believe in.
The signs read:


This egg was the start of all rocks so,
which came first, the egg or the rock?

The answer is simple if you know what
built the nest for the egg with the rock.

Man still asks the same question about
eggs and chickens and which came first?

The chicken and egg problem simply boils
down to, was or is it Creation or Evolution.

A close up of the Nest with the Rock Of Ages
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A close up of the Rock Of Ages
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