12"W - 19"H - 7"D
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This ( 12"W - 19"H - 7"D ) rock is a sundial that has quartz accuracy, with adjustment for daylight savings time and the ability to fine tune the dial itself.  The dial is being held up by a four branch crotch to represent the four directions NSEW and is mounted on a pine slab.  Did you know the dial moves 15 degrees West every hour or 1 degree every 4 minutes?  The unusual speckled rock holds the quartz dial straight for accurate time line reading.
The signs read:


Quartz Tuning
Time Adjustment

Daylight Savings
Time Adjustment

First Stone, Sun Dial with a Quartz movement
that insures quartz accuracy. The dial and numbers are quartz,
plus it can be fine-tuned and compensated for day light savings time.
They say SunDials are the most reliable timepieces under the Sun,
with over 100 types available and now with true quartz accuracy.

A closer front top view of details
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A closer side view of details
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A top view of details
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A closer view of the base and daylight adjustment details
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