24"W - 35"H - 24"D
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This ( 24"W - 35"H - 24"D ) rock is built around 3 Rocks at the base and a barb wire tree, with quarters, Polished rocks, Lucky rocks and gold leaves.  It was made for Bob & Carol McClellan's 25th anniversary and mounted on a rotating base and remains with them and as theirs.  A card was made up to explain what this creation was to represent and the words of the card are featured below along with a number of other photos of the tree.

The Card Front read:
A Twenty Five
Silver Anniversary
April 7, 1979
April 7, 2004
Bob & Carol

The Card Inside Left read:
Bob & Carol McClellan
April 7, 1979 to April 7, 2004
After 25 year you are over the rocky part of your
marriage, represented here by the three solid
Rocks you built this marriage around, Roger,
Ricky and Randy.

Rest assure, this is no two-bit marriage.

It takes two bits to make a quarter, like it takes
two loving people to make a marriage.

200 bits, or 100 quarters, equal 25 dollars made
from 25 cent silver coins, which represent 25 years
working together and your Silver Anniversary.

The Card Inside Right read:
The barbs on the barbed wire fence of the tree
represent the sharp words and hurts that had to
be overcome, to build the strenght needed to hold
any marriage together.

The polished rocks represent each bump you faced
along the way.  It took time and working together
to smooth out those bumps and polish them into
the gems you experienced as togetherness.

The lucky Rocks are there to wish you luck as
you work toward another happy 25 years and
your Gold Anniversary.

The Gold leaves are to remind you of the golden
years ahead while you keep in mind, all that
glitters is not gold.  Enjoy your trip together, along
the way to your Golden Anniversary.
Love, Don & Karen McClellan

The Card Back Side read, along with a picture of the tree:
This is NOT a hallmark card!

Another front view
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A view of part of the top.
Pic 168b not Yet Available

A view of the bottom.
Pic 168c not Yet Available

A view of the back side, showing 3 childrens names.
Pic 168d not Yet Available

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