8"W - 12"H - 7"D
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This ( 8"W - 12"H - 7"D ) rock is the result of seeing a new pair of childs shoes at a rummage sale for 25 cents.  The owner probably paid $25.00 for them but these along with a dozen others for a quarter each were saying there needs to be some use for me.  I figured why not make a door stop out of them as they have cats, dogs, cloths irons, wedges and you name it for door stops.   Why not use a simple but plentiful, cute rock, sitting on top of the shoes, with some eyes & mouth, a hat, some feathers and a stop sign.  No doubt somebody will want and copy this to use up those 25 cent shoes you see at ever garage sale.  This pair of shoes increased in value from $.25 to $846.91 to become another "One-Of-A-Kind" in the Rocks For Fun collection.
The signs read:


My job is to stop swinging doors.

A distant view with the STOP ROCK in use stopping a door.
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