28"W - 13"H - 6"D
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This ( 28"W - 13"H - 6"D ) rock mounted on an old barn board shaped like a fish has a 5 inch geode mounted on a hinge to allow it to open up and expose a small fishing Reel.  There is a large hook, sinker and bobber added for effect.  The rock is built around the idea of that REAL and REEL has two meanings.  The hat is mounted on a hinge to allow it to move up, allowing the Geode to be split open.
The signs read:


Geode or is it, Gee an Ode! to a Rock.
Split in half you can see it's a Real Rock.
Inside you will see the Real is really Reel.

A Hook, Line, Sinker and Bobber needs
a Reel to help you catch and haul in this
"Big Barn Board Bass"

A close up of the Rock on a hinge and held together with magnets at the mouth.

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Lift the hat and a magnet holds it up so the rocks can split.

Pic 156b not Yet Available

Split the rock to see it really is a REEL ROCK. (Real, Reel, Whatever)

Pic 156c not Yet Available

A close up to verify it is a REEL.

Pic 156d not Yet Available

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