10"W - 13"H - 7"D
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This ( 10"W - 13"H - 7"D ) rock shows you and tells you what it means to be Hen-Pecked. The Hen-Pecked rocks are the small rocks chickens eat to have in their gizzard to grind their food due to the fact they have no teeth.  The hen is really a rock as you can see here, probably from eating all those Hen-Pecked Rocks.  There is a Chicken COOP in the background to add to the over all decor. When you ask yourself, if you are Hen-Pecked and touch the front Hen-Pecked Rock, you will be told one of three things. YES,  NO,   or  MAYBE.  Be Ware!  The hen may tell you something you didn't really want to know.
The signs read:


Hen-Pecked Rocks, are very tiny rocks as you can see below.
They stay that size because they are always being Hen Pecked.
Tiny rocks are used in a chicken's gizzard to grind their food.

The term "Hen Pecked" is often used in talking about people.
Touch the front Hen Pecked Rock, to see if you are Hen Pecked.
The Hen will tell you the truth!

A close up of actual HEN-PECKED ROCKS

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