24"W - 24"H - 5"D
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This ( 24"W - 24"H - 5"D ) rock was found as you see it, after it burnt up and came sailing out of the sky. The two solar panels were in good shape as you can see and due to its size, this rock probably never gave off a lot of light in the night sky. For a background, the black stems with balls, are a ring of golden rod pods mounted on a 8 inch star, painted yellow. There are numerous small, colored starfish attached to the golden rods to remind you of the many stars or rocks floating around in the heavens.  Walk outside at night and you will see them giving off their light as they wait to have their solar panels charge them up the next day, from the sun that reaches them.   If you should doubt any of this about solar panels, take a look into the night sky at that rock some people call the Hubble telescope and you will see all kinds of solar panels on it.  It don't shine now and when it comes sailing out of the sky, burning up, it will probably resemble the solar rock you see right here.
The signs read:


There are many of these rocks floating in the heavens.
The bright one's always have very large solar panels.
Those that appear to twinkle, have loose connections.
This one burnt up on entering the earth's atmosphere.

A close view of the rock and it's solar panels
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