11"W - 21"H - 8"D
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This ( 11"W - 21"H - 8"D ) rock was put together to let everyone know just what the original CLOR-ROCKS looked like and it was always used with soap stone, down by some river edge.  They actually beat the dirt out of their cloths with the CLOR-ROCKS and usually found some big rock at the rivers edge to use as a wash stand. The clothes ended up with a beat up, rag tag look and someone coined the term "Stone Washed Look" which to this day is sold world wide by popular clothes manufacturers.  This bottle of CLOR-ROCKS along with some soap stone is sitting on a large mushroom that is attached to a scrape of barn lumber and has a "Lucky Rock" over looking the situation to make the clothes get that clean, but stone washed look.
The signs read:


The original clothes whitener, CLOR-ROCKS
Best results if used outside, in bright sunlight.
Always wash clothes on wet, but clean rocks.
Best results with clean running river water.
The end result will be, your clothes will have
That Stone washed and Sun bleached look.
The Soap Stone will help get that deep dirt out.

The Label on the bottle reads:
Original 3 rock formula
Active Ingredients:
Elbow Grease...6.00%
Other Ingredients...94.00%
Non-Corrosive, Safe for all Fabrics

A close up view of the CLOR-ROCKS and Soap Stone.
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