17"W - 26"H - 17"D
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This ( 17"W - 26"H - 17"D ) 50 pound rock slab, I found just as you see it.  It reminded me of two other rock slabs that had writing on which brought about the writing on this rock.   It is cradled in a chunk of tree root with some mushrooms added for decor and a few Lucky Rocks to watch over those who read it and then heed it.  A sprig of Ivy is there, to add a little color in the background.  This rock slab needs to be on the floor, not the wall or a coffee table.   The name reminds me of someone enforcing rules set in stone, to be followed.
The signs read:


He created the third Rock from the sun. - Earth
He wrote ten sentences, on two slab rocks. -Thou Shalt
This sentence reminds us, to heed what he wrote. - GOD

               DOWN THERE!

A closer look at the Enforcer Rock
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