16"W - 16"H - 3"D
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This ( 16"W - 16"H - 3"D ) rock came about when someone asked to name the 12 Apostles.  After a lot of digging, I was able to come up with the names, but there were really, 13 because Mathias replaced Judas, and to add some conversation or confusion, I used the Greek names of a few.   Thomas, that's Didymus, I gave a flat smile for his doubting and Judas a frown of betrayal.   I naturally assumed they all carried "Lucky Rocks" with them and that is what you are looking at here.   They each have a cubical to set in and the fan in the background is made from some wood shingles off an old barn down the road.  I needed something different for a back ground which this provided.
The signs read:

Apostle Rocks

Mathias (The Replacement)
Peter,   Andrew,   James (less),
*John,   Philip,   Barholomew
Didymus,   *Matthew,   James
Lebbaeus,   Simon,   Judas

Can you name each of them?  There really were 13.
*Only two (2) of the 13 went on to write gospels.
Each Apostle carried a "Lucky Rock" with them.
The rest is history and proof, Rocks are important!
Because of the Apostles, today we are all "Lucky"!

Another closer look at the 13 Lucky Rocks!
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