12"W - 38"H - 12"D
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This ( 12"W - 38"H - 12"D ) rock is built around an unusual growth that was left behind by some woodcutters and appears to be from a black cherry tree.  I added a crotch from a tree, that holds the Gazing Rock which is all mounted on a turn table, allowing it to be turned, to view all sides of the creation.  There are a number of colorful, polished rocks at the base which adds to the decor.  It's a little different, then the standard glass gazing ball many people own, making it one-of-a-kind.  It is also one giant sized "Lucky Rock".
The sign reads:


People have large, glass Gazing Balls in their yard and
the people can't see anything but distortion in them.

This is a natural, Gazing Rock, that simply watches the
people passing and is never bothered with distortion.

Here is hoping that it will see something undistorted in
you with it's gaze, as you gaze at it and it's surroundings.

The Head of the GAZING ROCK
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The Base of the GAZING ROCK
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