17"W - 9"H - 11"D
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This ( 17"W - 9"H - 11"D ) rock was built to sit on the floor and is a frame surrounded with birch branches, with a large rock and a slice of a log, which holds the frog and the "LEAP ROCK".  Smaller rocks fill in around the log and rock for decor.  The frog is sitting on a rock and looks like he is ready to leap.  The rock that sits on the log is the "LEAP ROCK".  It is actually made of foam so that when the RED tab is pushed it is released and leaps about 3 feet into the air.  This is why it sits on the floor so the rock doesn't hit someone in the face when it leaps.  Most people are expecting the Frog to leap, not the rock to leap.  The name should give them a clue.
The signs read:


You have heard of a "Leap Frog".
One frog leaps over another frog.

A"Leap Rock" just replaces one of the frogs.
Press the RED foot tab to see a leap.

The ROCK! Not the Frog, leaps 3 feet when you touch the RED tab.
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