9"W - 8"H - 4"D
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This ( 9"W - 8"H - 4"D ) rock is sitting on an oak wedge left by the roadside, by some loggers.  The "DAWGONE ROCK" has some defective gray caulking that looks like it could have come from a dog and I just added some eyes and mouth to it, to make it appear that it came from a seeing eye dog.  I added the sign to the caulking to help some people understand the humor here.  Seeing Eye dogs, don't really leave an unsightly mess, so it must be a mess with sight.  Right?  So now --it has eyes.  The name, dawgone rock, implies that a dog, had gone on the rock.  ENuf Said!
The signs read:


Seeing-Eye Dog
Was here.

Some people can't see this one!
The owner couldn't see it either!
That is why he needed the dog!

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