13"W - 18"H - 6"D
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This ( 13"W - 18"H - 6"D ) rock, is built around a mail box made out of a coffee can, complete with a flag and it has part of the post, after being broke off.   It is mounted on a slice from a large cedar tree.  The actual "Shitzoo Rock", you will find in the box that was placed in the mail and arrived in this mail box, waiting to be opened so that the Mini dog can be feed and cared for before something happens to him.   Air holes are provided in the box.   Be sure to click the link at the bottom of this page to read the directions on the box and see what condition the dog arrived in.   If you should run into a problem, contact your mail carrier.
The signs read:


A "ShitZoo Rock" is used to ship the
world's smallest dog by U. S. Mail.

It keeps him warm, gives him company
and provides a chew toy to play with.

It also helps the U. S. Post Office
With the added weight and postage.

After you open the mail box door, the sign reads.
Don't just
Stand there!
Read the directions
and feed him!
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To read the box directions and see in the box.   CLICK HERE!

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