15"W - 21"H - 8"D
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This ( 15"W - 21"H - 8"D ) rock is mounted on an unusual branch with a large mush room in the background, has a lot of memorys.   There are 40 gold colored dollar coins that came off a money tree presented to us on our 40th anniversary by my brother Bob.   The center piece is the original from our wedding cake in 1962.   The large granite rock with Amethyst on it, is from my sister Pat as a anniversary gift.   Karen's class ring hangs on a limb along with her baby ring with a garnet on it for a January birthday.   There is a 16 carat CZ ring to let you know the rock size don't make the marriage.   There is a polished Agate I had since 1962 along with a number of different rocks to let you know our marriage was never a Marriage on the Rocks, but lately a Marriage and the Rocks.
The signs read:

Karen & Don
Oct. 13 1962 - 2002

The coins that form the crown above represent 40 years together.
Many modern marriages, end up on the Rocks or Divorce, today.
Ours is a Marriage and the Rocks, NOT a Marriage on the Rocks.
It's not size of the Rock you gave her, that will keep you together.
It adds up to the many little things that keep the sparkle glowing.
The unusual branch below, represents our unusual relationship.
We made a Marriage and the Rocks, into Stepping-Stones to Forever.
Don't take any thing for granite, as you build your life together.
Even the granite rock below can't be taken for granite, as it sparkles
with the Gems Amethyst, once the most expensive stones on earth.

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