15"W - 9"H - 6"D
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This ( 15"W - 9"H - 6"D ) rock is mounted on a wedge from a falled oak tree with a smaller wedge on top just to give you a different back ground.   The YES and NO rocks wind up and YES, bobs Up and Down while NO, shakes from Right and Left.   I wasn't sure if everyone knew of a consonant, so I called it a non-vowel.   A few grinning rocks sit on top to make sure the "YES - NO ROCKS" move in the proper direction.  YES, agrees with every thing, while NO, dis-agrees with every thing.
The signs read:


Very little difference between words, "YES" or "NO".
There is however, a Three, Two, One, difference.
(3) Three letters in YES and Two letters in NO.
(2) Two vowels in YES and One vowel in NO.
(1) One, non-vowel in YES and One non-vowel, in NO.
That makes YES, end with an S and NO, start with an N.
The words meaning, is where the BIG difference is.
"YES - NO ROCKS" show you, it's all in your head.
"YES" is Up and Down. "NO" is Right and Left.

YES                         NO

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