13"W - 13"H - 7"D
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This ( 13"W - 13"H - 7"D ) rock is really "Rock - O" who was born September 30, 2002 and aquired the name with a Rock in it.   At a pound and a half, he is a loving bundle of terror.   There are hundreds of Rock - Hounds around the country, but most are the human variety that Collect, Polish, Cut, Shape and Grind all kinds of rocks.   They have Rock web-sites, Rock swaps, Rock clubs and Rock gathering, all to talk about Rocks.   But, "Rock - O" don't get into this, as maybe dogs are smarter when it comes to rocks.   He is sitting on a curled piece of an Oak tree, set up just for him.   Only his picture will be on the wall later, as "Rock - O" is alive, and eats, sleeps and needs to bounce around.   If I left him sit there forever, I would have the Human Society after me.   Maybe even the Humane Society.
The sign reads:


"Rock - O"

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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