14"W - 16"H - 14"D
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This ( 14"W - 16"H - 14"D ) rock is for those people that have problems hitting rocks when they mow their lawns.   Just a short pull on the starter cord gets this "Rock Mower" doing what its suppose to.   It is mounted on a lazy susan to allow the turning on a dime.   When you pull the start cord, it does sound like it will start.   It don't use gas or oil but you notice the fill spout are there, just to make you feel like you are helping pollute.   Bottom line is, it's just one more (mower) rock to look at.   Look out!   Lawn Mowers, because this one really fixes them.
The signs read:


Lawn Mowers often hit rocks but the "Rock Mower" is
very different, as it runs into or hits only Lawn Mowers.

It's one cut above the rest. High-Tec. It Floats above the grass.
Eliminates need for wheels and blade and it turns on a dime.

You will find the mower you use it, the mower you like it.
MOTHER-NATURE gave it a 52" cut, which means, its fast.

It doesn't use any gas or oil and it is noise and pollution free.
Just start it and forget it, as it doesn't even need handle bars.

This "Rock Mower" is really just one mower Rock to look at.

52" Cut

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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