13"W - 12"H - 6"D
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This ( 13"W - 12"H - 6"D ) rock is mounted on a pine slab and is using a real deer head to show you a "Wasting Rock" as it effects a deer and is built around the Chronic Wasting Disease problem.   Obviously you can see, once a deer has been effected by a "Wasting Rock" that it isn't worth but about 50 cents.   You probably noticed that this one is only half a buck, which is exactly 50 cents.   Right?   I notice that the DNR calls wasting deer, harvesting deer, when ever they write about this problem.
The signs read:


"Chronic Wasting Disease"
(caused the untimely death of over 50,000 deer)

Seen in Wisconsin where the Deer, not the Antelope roam.
Also has been seen in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Thought to be eliminated after wasting a few Bucks, but
its already cost us, a lot of Doe. That's not Fawny either!

It's the result of some bug, in the Deer's brain or skull.
Who knows. Maybe it is caused by a " Wasting Rock".

"Wasting Rocks" are usually about the size of a Deer's
eyeball, as captured in the real life here. Or real death?

Once in the eye of the beholder, it is considered a chronic
death certificate for those deer, as they stagger and Rock.

It has been the cause for many Deer being wasted, both
by the DNR and Buck Fever or Trophy Fever Hunters.

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