12"W - 24"H - 9"D
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This ( 12"W - 24"H - 9"D ) rock is a 2 inch egg placed in a nest found by the road side and has a real male humming bird sitting on a branch near it.   The bird was found on the garage floor, dried out.   I added a glass bird and a feeder made from a clear bulb with red pom poms for nectar.   There are a few grinning rocks sitting on some branches just to add decor.   The rest is some dry humor attempting to get a person to Hum as they wonder about the comments made regarding what is shown.   See if I can capture some Hummers.
The signs read:


Hum some tune, while you read this !
Mother natures Humming, Wonder Bird.
You wonder, how she can fly with this egg.
You wonder, how she lays this large egg.
You wonder, how she keeps the egg warm.
You wonder, how 12 babies got into one egg.
Are You Humming, Wondering or Both?
You wonder, how she can feed 12 babies.
You wonder, how 12 babies will fit the nest.
You wonder, will it bee a Flock or a Swarm.
You wonder, how is all this ever possible.
You wonder, is the male, the Hum Dinger.
You wonder, why call it a Humming Rock.
All because it got you, to Hum a tune today!
You did Hum a tune just now, didn't you?

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