8"W - 15"H - 10"D
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This ( 8"W - 15"H - 10"D ) rock is obviously a "ROCKING STONE" as what else could you call it?   This was putting the words Rock and Stone together and it is also the name I gave my lake.   I have two photo's of the lake and the sign you see at the lake, rocks back and forth, driven by a windshield wiper motor.    Every once in a while a car will stop to check it out as the lake is only 50 feet from the town road.   The lake is really only a 300 foot pond, but I gave it a name and call it a lake.   I was going to put a sign out, "NO Trolling or Water Skiing.   Just some more "Rocks For Fun".
The signs read:


To bring Rocks and Stones together, meant either
"Rocking the Stones" or "Stoning the Rocks"

"Rocking Stone" sounded a lot less violent.

Our lake is also named after the "Rocking Stone".
The lakes sign moves, or Rocks up and down.

It's called, "Rocking Stone Lake"

Pull tab, to see the Lake

The Lake
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The Lake with the Rocking Stone.
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