12"W - 22"H - 10"D
Pic 108 not Yet Available
This ( 12"W - 22"H - 10"D ) rock is about a "Stone Doctor" call DR. Burdock, that specializes in Gall Stones, Kidkey Stones and Stoned Alcoholics.   It is mounted on an unusual branch that looked like it has arms and a neck.   The head is made from about 2 pounds of Burdocks seed pods, pressed together and I have added a few doctor tools made from junk parts to give it a doctor look.   He is holding a Gall Stone and Kidney Stone up, to show you what stones he works on.   The glasses are an out dated half frame, that was collecting dust.
The signs read:

( DR. Burdock )

I am a headstrong Doctor, as you can see.
I have let my name go completely to my head.
I specialize in Gall Stones and Kidney Stones.
I also specialize in Alcoholics that get Stoned.
I have a lot of Gall when dealing with Alcoholics
and don't treat them like, just a Kid on my Knee.




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