12"W - 18"H - 8"D
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This ( 12"W - 18"H - 8"D ) rock is mounted on a piece of drift wood with a few mushrooms and grinning rocks as decor.   The "Rock In A Box" is representative of the old Con game of selling someone a Rock in place of the actual item they are promoting.   We are all victoms of this at one time or other, just in a different form.   When you press the "PRESS HERE" near the bottom of the box, you will hear a short sound clip as follows, after 6 or 7 knocks on wood. " Excuse Me! Excuse Me!   Can you let me out of here?"   The Rock inside the box, is using every shady tactic it knows, just to get into your hands.
The sign reads:


You have heard the saying, "Dumb as a Rock-In-A-Box".

Con Men helped coin the phrase, buy a "Rock-In-A-Box".

The last time you bought a boxed product that
turned out to be Worthless or less then a Rock,

You were Conned into buying a "Rock-In-A-Box".
Advertising in the media or on the box, did it to you.

This "Rock-In-A-Box", can be seen, but it still begs
For you, the weary buyer, to put it into your hands.

Push "PRESS HERE" below to verify this.
REMEMBER Always! "It's Buyer Beware !"


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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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