16"W - 19"H - 14"D
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This ( 16"W - 19"H - 14"D ) rock is about a hundred pound 24 carat Gold Nugget which sat in the front yard all summer, and was just moved inside.   A rustic three legged stool was made to hold it off the ground.   A Million Dollar bill is mounted with it to show you how much value it really has, when the Gold market is not depressed as we have seen recently.   It really has the same value as a "Gold Brick" which Webster describes as "Anything worthless, passed of as genuine or valuable".   Often made to appear solid gold and sold by swindlers.   The fact still remains, this is a "One-Of-A-Kind" rock and does has a true value.
The sign reads:


Pioneers gave up everything in their quest for a real 24-carat Gold nugget.

People have spent millions looking for these Gold or Yellow colored rocks.

The local bank wouldn't accept this "Million Dollar Rock" and they indicated
its value was like a "Gold Brick" and cash would never cover its deposit.

That leaves you with a "Million Dollar Rock" or "Gold Nugget" to look at.

And a $1,000,000.00 Dollar Bill.
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