9"W - 17"H - 7"D
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This ( 9"W - 17"H - 7"D ) rock is mounted on a burnt up plank, to remind you of smoked and has the "Smoked Rock" hanging from an old rusty spike.   There are a few grinning rocks over looking the smoking process to see that it is held to the latest government specifications.   Every thing about this smoked product is the direct opposite of a very popular smoked product that is marketed nation wide.   NOTICE the words: OldSki v/s NewSki, Valley v/s Hill, Dip v/s Crest, City v/s Farm, Tasteless v/s Flavor, Southland v/s Northland, 1833 v/s 1933, Horseapple v/s Applewood.   With that information, you should be able to figure out the real brand.   So, who is it?   The price per pound is about the same for the real product or the Smoked Rock.
The signs read:


ValleyDip, City Meats
Tasteless and from the Southland
Family owned Since 1833
Rock Solid Taste and Flavor
Not only little Fat, but No Fat
Always Guaranteed to be Boneless.
Horse Apple wood, Smoked for
That Flavor with a Kick of a horse.

OldSki Meats
Since 1833
Ingredients : YES
Calories : NONE
Total Fat : NONE
Flavor : NONE
Weight : 3 LBS. 19 OZ.
Total Price : $68. 29

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