9"W - 20"H - 8"D
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This ( 9"W - 20"H - 8"D ) rock which is about and inch thick and has the shape of a sock, was given to me by Pat Cowles and is from Little Girls Point on Lake Superior.   She asked me to see what I could come up with for it and I immediately thought of a tree joke, I had put in place a few years ago, when I planted real live trees in some old Christmas balls and gave some away as Christmas gifts.   The idea was to invert your thinking, by placing the tree on the balls instead of balls on a tree.   Why not?    People thought it was a cute idea and as I would tell them, "It takes a lot of balls to grow a forest" and it takes a lot more balls to destroy one.   They are easy to maintain, attractive, and when they are a few years old, simply plant the ball, making sure to break it when you bury it.   For those who think its littering, the glass was just sand at one time and now its returned to the earth along with a growing tree.   The tree in the picture is three years old, planted in a 5 inch ball.   Two inch balls, make cute living Christmas gifts.   Why not give a tree this year and save a forest?
The sign reads:


Don't hang your Ball's on a Christmas tree this year. Be Different!
Plant a tree on your Ball's, and help us save thousands of living trees.
Your worthless Ball's can help future generations, by saving our trees.
Use your Ball's all year long, by hanging a Sock Rock, instead of a Sock.
This Rock the shape of a Sock, is from Little Girls Point, Lake Superior.
This is a real live, three year old Tree, just waiting to grow up some day.

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