11"W - 22"H - 5"D
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This ( 11"W - 22"H - 5"D ) rock is built around three sayings.   "Leave No Stone Unturned", "Bringing Home The Bacon" and "Eggs Over Easy", so I brought a 6 inch skillet into the theme, along with some egg white made of silicone for a "Stone Over Easy".   I added some different bills for the Bacon strips, in bringing home the bacon.   This is all mounted on an old barn board and a big rusty spike holding the skillet, along with a few mush rooms and grinning rocks to add to the decor.   The three Gold nuggets, which are actual 24-karat Gold, I added to signify there is Gold in checking out an opportunity that is often presented as we turn over the many stones we encounter in life.
The signs read:


The Gold stones mounted above, are actually three,   24-karat Gold nuggets.
Often, the serendipity of checking under every stone, can bring big rewards.

I'm sure you have heard of the phrase, "Bringing home the Bacon".   Right?
What you see above is what some people refer to as the Bacon brought Home.

Like eggs over easy, never leave any stone unturned, looking for your fortune.
Don't pass one stone by!   Check them all, as you turn your "Stones Over Easy".

Your fortune is there, if you just turn the right Stones.   It could be the next one.
Have you checked under any Stones that you bump into each and every day?

Casino's are probably not what they were thinking about, when they coined the
phrase, "Leave No Stone Unturned".   You could end up being, Stone broke.

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