12"W - 22"H - 7"D
Pic 100 not Yet Available
This ( 12"W - 22"H - 7"D ) rock, mounted on an old broken barn board, that still has a grey blue paint on it, was created to give the Rocks a chance at using a "Horn - Of - Plenty".   It also lets the world know that dirty underwear are not the only thing that can have wide range of color and boast about being Fruity.   These colorful rocks are mounted in an old discarted cornucopia to give it a new use, along with a few mush rooms and two cat tails, one old and one new, to add to the decor.   There are a few grinning rocks sitting on top, taking it all in.   I also placed a regular old Drab Rock at the bottom with a sad face and probably wishing he could be a part of the "Fruit of the Earth" group with its bright smiles and brilliant colors that fill the "Plenty-Of-Rocks", or is it "Rocks-Of-Plenty"?   Who really cares, if it brings a smile to the face of those people looking at it?
The signs read:


(Rocks - Of - Plenty)

A Horn Of Plenty can be filled with many items,
like Flowers, Vegetables, Xmas Balls, and Seashells
to name only a few, but why not fill it with Rocks?

If called "Plenty Of Rocks" or "Rocks Of Plenty"?
Either way! It's a Horn full of Colors and Smiles.

Who ever said that Rocks, need to have a drab color?
Fruit of the Loom, is only someone's dirty underwear.
Fruit of the Earth, is all of our Rocks with a little dirt.


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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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